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Given the significant growth of scientific production in the country and the importance of commercializing them, converting the idea to the product and Knowledge to wealth and use of its value added, The Supreme Leader emphasizes the establishment of knowledge-based companies in this regard throughout the country.

Members of Hamian Sanat Bahrevar Iranian company, considering the long history of applied research activities in the “Environmental Engineering Research Center” of Sahand University of technology and they were founder of the Novin Farayand Bahrevar Sabz company, With a new mindset, they decide to enter this area and try to take steps in order to self-sufficiency in our beloved Iran, supporting domestic production and proving that we can.

In order to target activities, after comprehensive studies, needs assessment and past experiences, the company’s activities focus on providing technical know-how to reduce waste and consequently preserve the environment and reduce the cost of finished products and increase productivity in the industry. in this regard, along with applied research activities on environmental issues, process engineering and process design, by introducing a new method of ” Material Flow Cost Accounting” under the ISO 14051 standard, it attempts to solve the problems of industries in the country and the region and with activities that have been done to this day, we have been able to take good steps to localize this method. Including the establishment of the National Material Flow Costing Committee (MFCA), with the collaboration and support of the National Productivity Organization.

Material flow cost accounting national committee (MFCA)

Considering that the company is the only company licensed by the Asian Productivity Organization and the National Iranian Productivity Organization for the establishment of the ISO 14051 standard and serves as chair of material flow cost accounting national committee based at the National Productivity Organization, it shows the capabilities of the company’s experts in its field of activity. It is hoped that due to the industrial nature of the province, country and region and the high cost of most manufactured products, the company will be able to provide new and basic knowledge methods about the cost reduction of products, reducing waste production and increasing the productivity of industries, has led to the entry of the industries concerned into global competitive markets.

Professor Ismail Fatehifar.

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Summer 2017

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The goals and necessity of establishing a company

با توجه به تغییر نگرش در خصوص نقش دانشگاه ها و مراکز تحقیقاتی و پژوهشی در کشور و سهم بالای آنها در تولید دانش و توجه به فرمایشات مقام معظم رهبری در راستای حل مشکلات داخلی و غلبه بر موانع موجود و خلق حماسه اقتصادی، ایجاد شرکت های دانش بنیان و تخصصی و کاربردی از اولویت های اصلی کشور برای برون رفت از وضع موجود می باشد.

از مشکلات عمده صنایع کشور پایین بودن بهره وری، بالا بودن قیمت تمام شده و پایین بودن کیفیت محصولات و در کنار آن تولید مقدار زیاد آلاینده ها و پسماندهای مخرب زیست محیطی می باشد. لذا ضروری است کلیه دانشگاهیان، متخصصان و کارشناسان تلاش خویش را در راستای رفع این مشکلات بکار گیرند.

Indicative projects

  • پالايشگاه تبريز

    مدل سازي پخش آلودگي از دودکش هاي پالايشگاه تبريز و يافتن نقاط بحراني از لحاظ آلودگي هوا

  • پتروشيمي تبريز

    شناسايي و اندازه گيري ترکيبات فرار آلي در حوضچه هاي پساب پتروشيمي تبريز

  • مناطق نفت خيز جنوب

    ارائه مدل سينتيکي براي انتشار آلاينده هاي هوا در واحدهاي فراورش منتخب در مناطق نفت خيز جنوب

  • شرکت پالايش نفت تبريز

    طراحی بهينه تعداد و محل ايستگاه هاي سنجش آلودگي هوا با قابليت حساسيت نسبت به منابع آلاينده در شرکت پالايش نفت تبريز

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